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Date: 08/22/00

From: "Patrick Dughi" <dughi@IMAXX.NET>
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2000 6:40 PM

>         Back to the original issue, does anyone see any problems with
> keeping everything non-externally configurable, because we're giving
> everyone the source code?

That's probably the best way to release the first version. That would keep it
simple and give us (me, at least) an idea of how the gui pieces will fit
together.  I'd still like to add a config file at a later date for several

1) Some people may not care to install the necessary tools to modify
Java/MFC/API source, or may not have the inclination to  learn how to use

2) A [simple] script system would give head builders (and even individual
builders) the opportunity to modify the editor (and offload some work from the

3) It would be easier to distribute script files when minor changes to the
world files are made than to redistribute binaries.

4)  A builder who works on multiple muds won't need multiple copies of

5)  If we release multiple versions (Java/MFC/API) script files are likely to
be more portable than hardcoding the config (three times the work for the poor
head coder?).

One thing we may have going for us is that we may be able to come up with way
to write the edittable sections of the code in a way where the same file would
work with every version of the editor with only minor alterations.  A little
abstraction would make things go more smoothly.


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