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Date: 08/22/00

From: "Brandon Bennett" <bennetb@SW2.K12.WY.US>
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2000 7:11 PM

> Now about the program are you going to make win32 and Xwin binaries.  I

I was actually going to work on a Java version.  If you're comfortable with an
X library that would probably be faster than Java and would be interesting to

> belive a majority of us use win32 to devel on a unix system.  Might keep
> that in mind.  Also add a unix-dos or ansi-win or whatever coverter for text
> files (might be a nice touch).

I don't understand your next statement.  Most of you use cross-compilers to
create unix binaries in a win32 development environment?  Or are you
developing code under win32 that you then port to a running unix mud?  And how
would that apply to the users of an offline builder?

It might be helpful to poll builders to find out what OS(s) they use or would
prewfer to build on.  I don't have a mud or builders, so I'm a little out of


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