From: Treker (
Date: 08/22/00

>         Okay, looks like either today or tomorrow, I'll have something out
> which reads a lib directory and lets you edit the rooms.  Still learning
> MFC, and trying to stick to C++ instead of straight C.  Looks like I may
> bail on that idea though, just to get something done.
>         I may kill myself first, but we'll see.

Let's hope not!  We need more typewriter-monkeys. j/k =P

>         So, I have a few coments to make - the first is to you MFC guru's
> out there, and yes, really, I've looked for the answer.  Okay, I decided
> to use a tabbed sort of form, to more easily switch between the different
> editor forms.  It's also easier because I don't have to deal with the
> alternative, which would be multiple modeless documents floating around
> all having to sync with eachother.  It's ended up looking something like
> this:

Trying to learn MFCs as well, tell me if you have any good free (ie: on the
web) resources for learning.

>         As you can tell, I used the CPropertySheet object in conjunction
> with 4 CPropertyPages, and even managed to disable the "help" button.  Of
> course, I really don't want the buttons there at all, which means that I
> don't really want to use CPropertySheet as my parent.  So, what do I use?
> How do I make it go? :)  I'm sure I'm not missing any creation flags, and
> I don't see any other tabbed-sheet like 'things' out there (-ex doesn't
> count).

I just had a really nasty thought, Visual Basic?  Muhahahaha*evil laughter*

Just kidding!

>         (for the rest of you too)
>         Or, does that look really crappy, and it should be just a menu
> choice and I should load/unload the form I want on the screen at one time?
> I want to throw this together, and throw it out there asap, so this will
> be more for... well.. the future, but I'm curious now.
>         Anyone come up with a better look/feel/useability?

Maybe using IE ReBars?  Who knows.

>         Also, in regards to the above comment about C vs C++, if I write
> parts of this up using structs where objects could potentially serve,
> would anyone be interested in converting to a more class oriented manner?

I'd be glad to help with that, and I'm sure there are others.

>                                                 PjD

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