Re: MCCP + Copyover

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 08/27/00

StormeRider wrote:
> Has anyone been able to get these two to play well together? I've
> unfortunately not been able to do so.
> Basically, the problem lies in the fact that you need to either:
> a.) Not interrupt the compression stream and recognize the fact
> that their is a compression stream

Couldn't you store an extra field in the copyover data file that flags
if it's a compressed user or not?

> or
> b.) Stop compression, copyover, and re-enable compression.

I'd have thought that would work as well, again you need a flag to be
stored somewhere to say that the stream is compressed.  To do this
properly you should end the compression stream, copyover and redo the
negotiation of compression.

Maybe worth noting that there's now a version 2 of the MCCP protocol,
the main change is to how negotiation is handled, version 1 didn't do
it's handling quite right.  See for the new


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