Re: [NEWBIE][CYGWIN] compile error

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 08/28/00

Danny Owen wrote:
> You are assuming I never read the WTFAQ.. well I did
> and it didn't fix my problem..I suppose I should have
> stated that in the original post..
> still looking for some help

Have you tried a newer version of circlemud?  I believe that cygwin
support has steadily improved?  did you take the copy of the code from
another server?  if you did, did you delete config.cache before running

You could probably delete that #if/#endif block anyway, I don't believe
that it relates to cygwin.

When you said cygwin (latest version)  which version do you mean?  Which
gcc version are you using?

Hmm, actually looking at the cygwin pages it looks like the method of
distribution has changed since redhat took cygnus over (IE it's now a
setup program not some tgz files)


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