Re: [NEWBIE][CYGWIN] compile error

From: Danny Owen (
Date: 08/28/00

--- Chris Gilbert <>
wrote: > Danny Owen wrote:
> >
> > You are assuming I never read the WTFAQ.. well I
> did
> > and it didn't fix my problem..I suppose I should
> have
> > stated that in the original post..
> >
> > still looking for some help
> Have you tried a newer version of circlemud?  I
> believe that cygwin
> support has steadily improved?  did you take the
> copy of the code from
> another server?  if you did, did you delete
> config.cache before running
> configure?
> You could probably delete that #if/#endif block
> anyway, I don't believe
> that it relates to cygwin.
> When you said cygwin (latest version)  which version
> do you mean?  Which
> gcc version are you using?
> Hmm, actually looking at the cygwin pages it looks
> like the method of
> distribution has changed since redhat took cygnus
> over (IE it's now a
> setup program not some tgz files)
> Chris

What I ment was latest version was I installed it
about 2 days ago using the latest setup.exe that is
being distibuted with..

and I yeah I took the code from another server and
have deleted the config.* files and ran configure
again. I've also tried what the WTFAQ suggested.

I believe I have installed cygwin correctly as I have
had other things compile on it without a problem and
with the new setup method they use it is fairly hard
to get it wrong..

I'm not have any luck compiling tho.. I removed what
you suggested but then I get a million other errors


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