Re: [NEWBIE][CYGWIN] compile error

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/28/00

        One issue I've seen is that when you switch from one machine to
another, and rerun configure, most times, the make file is screwed up.
This is because the is usually never updated, and I always end
up manually rewriting it.

        If you have any patches, etc, extra files, and you're using any
sort of modified Makefile, I'd verify that you're including the correct
defines/libs/etc in there, just in case.

In other news:

        I know, I said I'd have the bare minimum version of an editor out
by Friday/Saturday.  Well, my girlfriend just came home a week early from
a 3 month internship and my plans kinda went out the window. Haven't been
getting much sleep, if you know what I mean.

        Hey! Stop thinking that!  I mean, she made me stay up late and
clean up the house from it's 3 months of bachelor-like existance.

        In anycase, I'm back on the job - at least during my lunch hour -
and I've gotten a suggestion on what the layout for the editor screens
should look like - some pages made in MS access from one certain
individual.  I'd like to say I have a timeline on this, but I don't see
myself with much time suddenly.  Maybe I'll just wear her down tonight
with some intensive, hardcore, uh .. vacuuming, and get some code time


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