[NEWBIE] Access violation and stack trace errors

From: Zenja Ivkovic (izenja@HOME.COM)
Date: 08/28/00

This is sort of off-topic (I'm trying to make a little program)
but I've been looking through the circle code and seen this sort of
thing work right in many places.

After opening a file for reading with fopen(), I have this:

p_debug("Reading data from file..");
fgets(buf, 80, fl);
if(sscanf(buf, "%d %d %d", balance, owe, due) != 3)
   f_error("Format error reading data from input file.");
sprintf(buf2, "Got %d for balance, %d for money owed, and %d for money due
for pay.", balance, owe, due);

It compiles fine but the error is in run-time.  The program outputs the
"Reading date from file.." part as my function tells it to, reads a line
from the file into 'buf', but when it tries to execute the sscanf() I get:

[*] Debug:  Reading data from file..
[main] C:\DJGPP\PROGRAMS\MONEY.EXE 1000 (0) handle_exceptions: Exception:
[main] MONEY 1000 (0) handle_exceptions: Dumping stack trace to

I think the problem is about it trying to access a part of the memory
which is protected, but I don't know how to fix it.  If anyone can give me
any help on what I need to do (I think I need to use pointers, but I've
tried that and don't understand how to use them very well), it would be
really appreciated.

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