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From: Sammy Should Use His Whole Name Next Time (
Date: 08/28/00

Patrick Dughi writes:

> In other news:
>         I know, I said I'd have the bare minimum version of an editor out
> by Friday/Saturday.  Well, my girlfriend just came home a week early from
> a 3 month internship and my plans kinda went out the window. Haven't been
> getting much sleep, if you know what I mean.

<nudge, nudge> <wink, wink> Know what ya mean...

>         Hey! Stop thinking that!  I mean, she made me stay up late and
> clean up the house from it's 3 months of bachelor-like existance.

Yeah sometimes they even want you to vacuum three or four times!

>         In anycase, I'm back on the job - at least during my lunch hour -
> and I've gotten a suggestion on what the layout for the editor screens
> should look like - some pages made in MS access from one certain
> individual.  I'd like to say I have a timeline on this, but I don't see
> myself with much time suddenly.  Maybe I'll just wear her down tonight
> with some intensive, hardcore, uh .. vacuuming, and get some code time
> in.

I've had to do some vacuuming as well and other less tiring activities like
sitting around at other people's housewarming parties (unfortunately her
coworkers are _very_ social).

Even so, I've put in a good bit of work on the Java version.  Most of that
has been rewriting the beginning over and over.  I've decided that since I
want to use tabbed panels to switch between editors and a couple other
features that exist in Swing but not 1.1 AWT I'm going to attempt to make
those classes "Swing-compatible," which would mean that to upgrade the
source to Swing all you'd have to do is change the class initializations to
load a new JTabbedPane rather than my TabbedPane, etc.  With any luck no
other changes will be necessary.

As for look and feel, I'm tentatively going with something very similar to
your updated screenshot.  The exceptions are that I'm probably going to use
a menu bar, and I think I'm going to skip the zone information menu and add
a status bar at the bottom which will contain the zone information as well
as displaying error/status messages.

I'm not even going to hint at a timeline.


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