Re: spec procs

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/30/00

> Got a couple questions on spec procs...
> Can a mob spec proc be triggered when a player enters a room somehow?

        Not with stock code, no. See
        for a description of how to get around a similar problem.

> Is there a way to get a script-like delay in spec procs?  So that I can
> make the mob take a couple seconds in between saying things without holding
> up the rest of the code somehow.

        Again, not exactly - there's no function/etc that does that.  You
can set a static timer though, and decrement it by the mobile activity
pulse that spec_procs trigger.  Beware though, that same timer will be
used by all mobs using that particular spec_proc.

> Last, is there some kind of documentation on how to use spec procs so that
> I don't have to go around posting questions constantly? :grin:  I checked
> the docs directory and the FTP site and didn't see any...  well, thanks in
> advance. :)
        I don't think there is, but what sort of documentation do you
need? It's straight C code, and you can grep for all the information you
could ever want - the definition, when they're called, how they're
assigned, etc.

        If you want something that's a bit higher level and has additional
functionality built in, you may want to look at dgscripts or mob progs.  I
believe dgscripts are the big thing right now though.


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