Re: MUD essential features

From: Mike Redick (Telos@MAD.SCIENTIST.COM)
Date: 08/30/00

I'm reminded of the scene in Excalibur where some squire hid up in a tree,
when a rabbit hopped by he just dropped down on top of it and slit it's
throat with a knife... or maybe he bashed it against a tree... but either
way he killed the rabbit pretty damn easily.

To me it isn't that rabbits and such should be _hard_ to kill... they just
shouldn't really be options for killing.  Players are supposed to be
adventurers... going out and killing goblins and dragons and such, so why
do all muds feel the need to have newbie areas filled with only rabbits and
cats and stuff?

Rats and squirrels shouldn't be hard to kill... they should be so easy to
kill that it's pointless.  It's even worse when you see some newbie die to
a rabbit... unless maybe you've got a Monty Python and the Holy Grail
themed mud.

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