Re: [CODE] Sedit.c/genshp.c errors

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 08/31/00

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> On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Torgny Bjers wrote:
> >All I did was remove one from the top_shop_offset which was 1, when I
> >(I didn't look until now, the idiot I am) so... change top_shop -
> >top_shop_offset to just top_shop, perhaps makes it work?
> Did you patch it yourself and not update the revision #define in

Do you mind explaining what you just said? :/  Sorry, I didn't understand
what you mean with revision?

What I did was to modify the already patched in and ready-to-rock OasisOLC
2.0 files that came with the source files I downloaded from the Ceramic
Mouse site, don't remember which file, but it had the sedit.c, genshp.c, and
shop.c files so it had to be a pretty new version, right?

It worked when I removed the top_shop_offset from the int real_shop(int
vshop_num) that counts through the shops.  As I understand the top_xxx
should be one above the actual number, like for top_world, whatever.  If you
then subtract top_shop_offset from top_shop you end up with a top_shop value
that is the same as the number of shops, then sedit will not see that last
shop, which was my case.

I think I made a chicken out of a feather, but, shops are very important for
gameplay so I guess I freaked a little there.  It was a really easy problem
with a really easy solution.  It was just so obvious that I missed it when I
first sat down and tried to solve it, and believe me, I tried... :P

Kind Regards,

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