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> I'm reminded of the scene in Excalibur where some squire hid up in a tree,
> when a rabbit hopped by he just dropped down on top of it and slit it's
> throat with a knife... or maybe he bashed it against a tree... but either
> way he killed the rabbit pretty damn easily.
> To me it isn't that rabbits and such should be _hard_ to kill... they just
> shouldn't really be options for killing.  Players are supposed to be
> adventurers... going out and killing goblins and dragons and such, so why
> do all muds feel the need to have newbie areas filled with only rabbits
> cats and stuff?
> Rats and squirrels shouldn't be hard to kill... they should be so easy to
> kill that it's pointless.  It's even worse when you see some newbie die to
> a rabbit... unless maybe you've got a Monty Python and the Holy Grail
> themed mud.

Regarding rabbits, squirrels, and other little fuzzy critters and all their
friends and families...  I agree with Kieran on the fact that a squirrel
involved in actual combat is ludicrous, on the verge of comedy. :)

But, there is one thing that CircleMUD lacks: SIZE MODIFIERS!!!

All we have to do to accomplish what Kieran spoke about is to actually use
the character/mob's size as a modifier to any hitroll.  If the creature
being attacked is exceptionally small and has a really high dex, of course
you won't hit the little bugger with your two handed sword.  I don't think
this would be very hard to put into the game either, matter of fact, think I
will try it this weekend.

I have some faerie folk in my mud, and flitlings for instance, are really
small, and airborne on top of that, so if you wanted to hit one of those
with a sword you'd have to be really really good with that sword...
Non-physical magic like blindness, poison, snare/hold, and others would work
much much better in this case to assist the players in slaying the creature.

Then, in conjunction to this, remove the experience points from the bunnies,
so that players get nothing, but little dead animals, out of the deal.
Then, you can create a bunny-loving cleric that wanders about and picks them
all up and brings them to the pet cemetery where he buries them in shoe
boxes... *cackle*

One other possibility would be for characters with a certain skill, hunting,
to manage to kill the little bugger, skin it, and cook it.  That's a good
use.  Then, for this to be easy to handle in the mud, create a mob flag,
like MOB_GAME or something to flag it so that a hunter would be able to
"scan" for it, kill it with the hunting skill...

My two cents worth,

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