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From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 08/31/00

Treker wrote:
> You know, coding my first MUD ruined my entire playing experience.  Now I
> no
> longer see things on a MUD as role playing, but I see how the computer
> works
> behind it, how the entire thing is calculation-based, and how most muds
> that
> I visit really aren't doing much more than adding a few worlds here and
> there--which is just descriptive writing of scenery.  Has anyone else been
> disillusioned like this?
> Well, I'm going to write some randomness into my MUD, but I need
> would I prevent my players from seeing such a
> calculation-basis, or non-RPGlike environment of a MUD?  I mean, adding
> features, and commands, and combat methods, etc will only make it more
> complex.  Any ideas?  ("A giant squirrel appears in front of you and starts
> nibbling at some acorns")?
> Thanks

Congrats, you are now thinking like a mud programmer and not a player.
That seems to be one of the hardest leaps for player turned admins to over
Hmmm.  Randomness?

* Weather (zone based with real effects)
* Item stats "Tweak" to be better or worse than the prototypes (might
  need ascii objs) about 15% of the time 7%up 8%down 85% standard.
* Have a mobs stats based on race. if you are going to have 50STR giants
  I suggest you install a cap for the lower level mobs.  I didn't at first
  and had level 2 mobs slaughtering level 7 players.  Dang baby giants.
* Randomize the cash mobs give.
* Only allow certain races to give cash, stick a vnum in the mob_data for
  pelts that can be skinned off of a mob. (great new skill :)
* REMOVE AS MANY OF THE NUMBERS AS YOU CAN!  Players only really need to
  see their hit/mov/mana/gold/exp.  Drop align, +hit/dam, AC, stats, etc
  into word lists that clump ranges under one word.  So a Charisma of 1-4
  is displayed to the users as Fugly.
* Get EVERY stat to have a meaningful impact on the game.  Esp on a
  fight.  You should have seen the EQ scramble when I made DEX really
  important to combat speed.  Or when a high con remove 1-2 hp damage
  from each hit.
* Get your mobs to do more than just hit back.  They need to be able to
  cast spells, and use the same skills as the players.
* Lots of little dg-scripts.
* Search the archives for "mood".  This patch had mobs doing socials
  based on how they are feeling and what socials are used on them.  The
  players get really weirded out when a guard points at them and laugh.
* Have guards rush to aid mobs with a CITIZEN flag when the mob yells for
* Give mobs a preference of who they will aggro against, not just the
  first person in the list.  Maybe randomize this at the mobs are loaded
  into a room (not from file, into the room).
* Add the plague that is contagious between players and mobs.  Have a
  little used class be the only one with the HIGH level spell 'cure
  plague'.  Go around randomly infecting towns.  Stick a (PLAGUE!!) into
  the who list.  Is a LOT of fun to watch.
* Write GOOD zones.  Check out the Builders corner at
  for documentations on how to write good zones.

Above all else HAVE FUN!! This is your hobby.  Unless you are writing a
REALLY sucky mud, there are always more players.  So if they decide to
whine/pout/leave, make sure the door swings hard enough to help them on
their way.
--Angus Mezick

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