Admin vs. Player

From: Treker (
Date: 08/31/00

You know, coding my first MUD ruined my entire playing experience.  Now I no
longer see things on a MUD as role playing, but I see how the computer works
behind it, how the entire thing is calculation-based, and how most muds that
I visit really aren't doing much more than adding a few worlds here and
there--which is just descriptive writing of scenery.  Has anyone else been
disillusioned like this?

Well, I'm going to write some randomness into my MUD, but I need would I prevent my players from seeing such a
calculation-basis, or non-RPGlike environment of a MUD?  I mean, adding
features, and commands, and combat methods, etc will only make it more
complex.  Any ideas?  ("A giant squirrel appears in front of you and starts
nibbling at some acorns")?


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