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Date: 08/31/00

> >Has anyone else been disillusioned like this?
> *rofl* Better see is as the next step in evolution ;)
> G,
> Aragorn

"I don't wanna grow up, I don't wanna grow up...I wanna be a Toys'R'Us

Oh well, it happened a while ago.  And I agree with Angus, less numbers are
better for roleplaying purposes.  However, for convenience and player fun,
it should be noted that no less than 6 or 7 ranges should be created, not
just "Fugly", "Ehh...okay", and "Super"...cause that'd kinda screw it up.

Okay, so let's say I have seven possible states, "Mortally Wounded", "Minor
Concussion, which might explain your stupidity", "Weakling", "Just Tired",
"Bitchin'", "Good", and "BRING IT ON"...

Please read on about my idea of replacing the PK flag...

--WARNING: ADD/ADHD-diagnosed people should not read below this sentence,
spontaneous combustion may result.  (Note to self: Take meds...heheheh)

In all states but "Mortally Wounded" and "Minor con...", the character heals
himself (thanks to his/her own biology, ie: white blood cells) if they are a
certain class (Human), if they are an Elf, then they get healed by some
other means.  If they are a Necromancer, they will most likely never heal,
unless they do so purposely, because their own biology have forsaken them.
Okay...with that said, when they are mortally wounded, we will assume they
have 1 hp taken off for every 5 moves they make.

But wait, it gets more complex once we add other classes, such as Amazons,
which must not forget to rub on their aloe skin lotion <g> or they won't
self heal.  Furthermore, the Necromancer, when in proximity with any
character (even mobs) and has revived / necromanced up a few skeletons, upon
attacking others, prevents their healing during attack.

Enough about healing though, this plague idea is a good one...However, it'd
be horrible for them just to have to be near eachother...What about rather
than having a PK-flag (which is a DUMB IDEA!)....

The "player killer" flag is a out-of-character and extremely non-RPG idea,
in my opinion.  It looks like it was put there more for administrative
purposes.  ONLY ADMINS should see the PK flag.  I think Angus's plague idea
would be great, but only for PK-ers.  If a character kills a player, he/she
becomes a plague CARRIER.  If this carrier fights a mob, and any blood is
exposed, then the mob becomes infected.  When the mob is shown to other PCs,
it "looks ill"...that is, if it didn't die.  If it did die, then it's corpse
is "diseased".  Looters of the corpse become diseased / plagued, not just
carriers, but full-blown plague victims.  They can't heal, and lose 10% move
points and 5% hp every day until they pray to the gods and the gods answer
them, OR they go find an antidote...make it a quest.  That's a good way to
get PK-ers into quests, they have to take the quest and finish it and get
the antidote or be cured of their plague, otherwise, they'll die or become
extremely weak in a certain amount of time.

It'd be very interesting to see where this goes, the only problem is that my
computer is not very yours aren't as well, unfortunately.

I'm rambling, aren't I?

Off to get a haircut,

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