From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/31/00

> Lamens term's please,
> the patch i do believe was put in correctly, because i hand patched the
> whole thing, which makes it hard to understand,
> possible the patch was wrote wrong?

> >         I have to admit, I have never seen this issue before.  I can only
> > assume that the patch has been inserted incorrectly.  It looks like some
> > initial connection-time protocol exchange was screwed up.
> >
        I don't believe the patch is incorrect, since many people have
used it previously.  However, even handpatching can cause problems if
there's a mistake.

        I'm not sure how much more simple I can make it, since it's not
the easiest of subjects.  Your average layman wouldn't understand it, I
suspect, but I can try.

        Computers connect to each other.  When they do, they ask each
other a series of questions like two people who don't know each other do -
questions like "Do you speak english?", "Do you understand contractions",
"What's your definition of a Noun?", etc.  Only computers ask things like
"Can you support color", "What's your backspace character", "Do you want
character-by-character or line-by-line mode?".  This is the negoation
stage.  Once the negoation protocol has been set, they talk.  If somehow
one of them asks the wrong question at the wrong time, or takes the answer
to a question and forgets what it is, then you have one computer talking
in german, and the other listening in french.  You, on the listening end,
get nothing but nonsense.

        In more _useful_ terms, because you get strange gobbledygook, it
looks like the two computers (yours and the muds) aren't syncing up.  This
is sometimes indicitive of a problem with the protocol negoation -
especially with that staircase effect. Because ANSI (color)  compliance is
something that can be transmitted during the initial protocol transaction,
and you just added something about ANSI color, I would guess that the
addition messed something up when a new socket is opened and negoiates
protocols.  You should examine all the code, especially if it's added to
comm.c or interpreter.c (where nanny() lives).


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