Re: vnums vs rnums

From: Blaize (
Date: 08/31/00

>Ok, just outta curiousity... why are there both vnums _and_ rnums?  I've
>looked at the code and tried to figure it out, but my conclusion was that
>vnums weren't really necessary so maybe I missed somethinhg... but if
>anyone can explain it to me thanks :)

Rnums are sequentialy ordered...1, 2, 3, etc. this is the number that they
are in the structure arrays world, mob_index, and obj_index.
They must be dynamic, if a room is inserted in the first zone, all of the
rnums change.  This makes it impractical to use rnums (think about going
through and changing all the SPECASSIGNs everytime something new is added,
or having to figure out the rnums for goto everytime you wanted to do one).
So there are vnums.  Vnums stay the same, no matter how many things are
added, deleted or changed.

I have thought of a way to take out vnums, but it would be very time
consuming, with little benefit.

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