Re: [HELP] Sammy's ASCII Pfile Code

From: jeff shaw (
Date: 09/01/00

heh I fixed the problem and compiled. As usual I log in and create a new
character to test the file i/o and other stuff. After creating the
appropriate directories I ran it and logged on. Directly after I completed
my character the MUD closed and left this in the log:

Sep 02 02:10:18 :: SYSERR: File etc/date_record not found, mud date will be
reset to default!
error opening output file: No such file or directory

the first error I think i can fix but the 2nd one is a trouble with the i/o
stream itself. I found no "fileno" variable/command in the entire project
but as definitions. So I didnt change anything. I will check the archives
but if anyone knows the problem please let me know.
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