Re: [HELP] Sammy's ASCII Pfile Code

From: Jason Pullara (
Date: 09/01/00

> void store_to_char(struct char_file_u * st, struct char_data * ch)

This could be a couple of things.

make sure it isnt a defenition, when it needs the ; next to it

or, you might want to check 1, 2 or a dozen lines above, amek sure there
isnt a missing ;
normally the compiler is pretty good with the semi-colon errors, so it
usually means that a semi colon is missing, or is commented out or in the
wrong place, ect...

I could probably help more but the cod isnt at my hands at the moment (im
just too darn lazy to open it up)

And I still say 'goto' statements stink =P


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