[AD] Admin

From: Brian Beffa (MortalCity@aol.com)
Date: 09/02/00

I wasnt sure if any builders are on this list, and msrp.com's form for an add
was dated back to '99 and im kind of getting desperate.  The other admin on
our mud has been busy and has not been coming on lately, so I am looking for
a good admin.

Stats (Preferred)

Codebase: CircleMUD 3.0
Position Available: Admin\Builder
Theme: Fantasy
Age: Over 15 (under is fine as long as no spelling errors)
Online Building Knowledge: Yes
Oasis OLC knowledge: Yes
DgScripts: Hopefully, but not neccesasy
Experience: Immped on another mud, mudding/building for over 5 years

Basically I need a partner to help run a mud.  You should have at least built
1 area.  And I dont want spelling errors and others you specifically see not
to do in building manuals.  The position is just to help out, mainly writing
help files, guilds, helping lower immortals, and giving suggestions when ever
you think of something.  It really would be nice if you have played d&d or
Ad&d, and make the role playing better.  You should come on everyday or every
other day for at least an hour, unless everything is totally under control.

Thanks for Your Time,
mudprovider.com 1025,
4th Lost Kingdom Mud,

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