Re: Querying Telnet for ANSI Color and other attributes.

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/03/00

"[m]ike" wrote:
> Actually, I think there are only a few clients that may support this, if
> any. There are also alot of MUD clients out there such as zMUD, G-MUD, and
> many others which will not deal with this kind of information. If you do
> find any telnet clients that do it, maybe you could direct players to use it
> since the MUD, theoretically, would function with it. I think that the best
> bet though would be to still let players configure this on their own. Then
> if by some chance a universal protocol does appear that all telnet clients
> share, or you find one for your players, it would not be hard to convert the
> existing system to this function. Atleast, that is what I would do :)

I know that zMUD at least supports sending of screen coordinates (width,
height, etc), I believe that it will also send color info.  As for other
clients, I do not know.

The Telnet protocol does not really require that a client supports any
particular feature, but it does require that the client will properly
respond to any request and say if it will support a given feature or
not.  Also keep in mind that there is (if memory serves me correctly)
more than one feature that will give out the screen size, and I believe
that there is more than one that can be used either directly or
indirectly to determine if the client will support color.  The server
can easily check on all of the different possible ways that a client
might be able to report these values and can use any one of them that it

At any rate most of the above is from simple experimentation with the
different clients at my disposal as well as info obtained from when I
looked into the Telnet protocol a while back.

At any rate, I am fairly ceartain (not positive) that any client that
will support a ceartain feature but does not say so when properly
queried might not be fully compliant with the telnet protocol.  Note,
though, that a client does not have to support any given feature.

Regards, Peter

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