Querying Telnet for ANSI Color and other attributes.

From: Peter Ajamian (peter@pajamian.dhs.org)
Date: 09/02/00

This is somethign I've been throwing around in the back of my mind for a
while now and I want to see if anyone has tried this or has any thoughts
or ideas on implementation.

If my understanding is correct it should be possible to query the telnet
client as to weather or not it will understand color when it first
connects.  This could be used to set the color state of the player
automatically without having to manually query the player.

Also I know it is possible to get window size attrbutes from the telnet
client if the client supports it.  I am considering implementing a
system into my MUD which uses this information to set page length (for
page_string) and line length (for word wrapping room descriptions,

Has anyone attempted this, or know of a game which does this?  I think
that the standard Unix shell uses this to determine if the telnet login
client will support color and to determine window size for paging
programs such as more and less.

Also, can anyone think of any other attributes which it might become
usefull to query the client for?

Regards, Peter

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