From: David Parrott (
Date: 09/01/00

In article <>, Ryan <wizard15@HOME.COM> writes
>is there anyway that i would be able to set up my circlemud so that all
>users that come on automaticly have color set to complete, so that way i
>can use manual color codes to make the greeting colorfull, and i could
>use manual color codes on the class selection and race selection to make
>it more cosmetic? would i need a special color code patch for this?
> Ryan
I don't know how they do it but I know on one MUD that I play on (circle
based) Necromium, the first thing it asks on connect it if you want
colour, if so The greetings and opening logo has colour in it. Probably
doesn't help but at least you know it is possible.
David Parrott

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