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Date: 09/04/00

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> From ChangeLog:
> > 1/16/98
> >
> > -- gg - interpreter.c/ban.c: nanny()/Valid_Name(): Fixed the
> >      Diku bug where you could create two characters with the same name
> >      proceeding one step at a time in two different sessions.
>    I don't know if anyone's noticed this before, but the above bug fix
> caused another bug to pop up.  If you log on a character, but do not enter
> the game, (sit on the menu, change description, change password, etc) then
> you will be unable to connect to the mud with the same name in a different
> window, it will say "Invalid Name".  Thus, it's possible (and I've done
> once ;-) ) to lock yourself out of your character by having your link
> freeze up when you're at the menu, and then attempting to reconnect.
>    "Having your link freeze up" being defined as: the mud thinks the
> descriptor is still valid, despite you loosing connection, and doesn't
> destroy it.
>    The fix I used is to modify the Valid_Name function in ban.c.  The

Thank you Ben!  You saved my builders' day! :)  We've been experiencing
frozen links for some time now, especially for those who get disconnected by
their ISP's when they are in OLC, then another admin have to dc that
connection num...  Now it works just the way I wanted it to work when I
posted to the list last week.

Simple solution, but a very good one IMHO.  Thanks!

Kind Regards,

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