Re: Writing to a file

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 09/04/00

Okies, this is me, the guy who needed the help. If you read the
that I asked carefully, you'll see why Welcor's answer was indeed the
correct one. Or maybe more correct.
 You said that '1_buf' was not a C variable, and in that you are
However, I specifically said that the code I was using was a mockup of
my problem area, not the actual code. The only reason I even included
that was to make sure I wasn't crossing integers and pointers (I'm
pretty new to coding).
 You also said that I would want to pass "a", but I also wrote that I
be deleting the file as soon as it was wrote to. I use a perl script
this. Thus, I have to 'touch' the file before I write to it every
So "wb" should work fine.
 Next, the idea of using SUB_CMD's hadn't occured to me, since this is
all happening in the nanny() proc (hence the reference to SEND_TO_Q).
I'm not too sure, but I do believe that a SUB_CMD would be wasted
I think Blaize did have a good idea, and the next time I try something
like this I'll keep that in mind (if I survive the suicide attempt).
Thnx again for all the responses.


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