Re: cxref for C++

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 09/06/00

Zeavon wrote:
> Heya,
>         I've converted my CircleMUD to C++ and would like to build out an
> HTML cross-reference of function calls, and all that good stuff. There is
> currently one like this for some version of CircleMUD at:
>         I tried using cxref on the C++, but it choked and died. Any
> suggestions on a program that will create somethig like this for C++?

Maybe doxygen is what you're looking for, it does take a bit of playing
with it's config file to get everything out you might want, but you can
get cross referenced output for everything.  take a look at  you can also comment the code in a special way, bit
like javadoc stuff, so that it includes the comments into the outputed
html files (oh it can output in html, man , latex, and rtf


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