Re: cxref for C++

From: Zeavon (
Date: 09/06/00

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Chris Gilbert wrote:

> Zeavon wrote:
> >
> >         I tried using cxref on the C++, but it choked and died. Any
> > suggestions on a program that will create somethig like this for C++?
> Maybe doxygen is what you're looking for, it does take a bit of playing
> with it's config file to get everything out you might want, but you can

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to try it later from home where I
have access to X, QT and all that good stuff.

Are there any out there that work with just shell... as in no X or GUI
needed? If I have to use X, then it limits the times at which I can use
the softare, but I have access to shell stuff 100% of the time.

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