Re: Valid_name fix

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 09/07/00

> I am a little unsure about all this with valid_name and other
things and I have some questions.
> Does this immortal check happen before or after the person has
entered the correct password?  I.e. does it happen right when they
enter their name, or after they have also entered the correct
> I experienced some problems with this when I tried to let linkless
> immortals login after they had frozen in OLC or in the main menu,
so I am curious to how you solved it?
> Kind regards,
> /Torgny

I am going to assume you are asking _me_ about how _I_ solved the
I didn't mess with the login sequence at all, I fixed it as it
happened: the moment the player dropped link. If the player is in
OLC, it won't allow them back in, so I removed them from OLC by
renting them, and then adding a simple CON_CLOSE and extracting the
The CON_CLOSE is what does the trick, since the person is in OLC,
which puts them in a state nanny is supposed to ignore. I suppose
that you could fix the problem in nanny, but why bother when all you
need are three lines of code in comm.c? Besides, this helps keep the
immortal's bodies away from pthieving (gasp!) and other little nasty
Of course, if the person's ISP crashes, and the game doesn't realize
that the link has been dropped you are back to square one.
You could always add a timer to heartbeat and if after so long the
player doesn't enter a command, the game removes them from OLC. This
could cause problems down the road, and if this valid_name fix is
okayed by George then why bother?


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