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From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (
Date: 09/08/00

On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Shane Lee wrote:

> Hrmm, I beg to differ with you here.

> you edit the source via save-to-ftp, you find this more than a bit
> handy.
I do see the usefullness for something like that. *ponder* or do I, if you
have access to make, why not give you a true shell on the machine? Of
course, locking down single commands should be fairly simple :)

> If a hacker is out to get you, there isn't much you can do. I refuse
> to stay hudled up in a corner, cowering in fright while life passes me
> by.
No, but there is still a big difference (imho) about having something like
a mud run shell commands, and having a true shell for the same. I don't
stay huddled over in the corner either, I take advantage of whatever I can
to make my networking life as secure, while still retaining freedom. (Now,
that sounded like some political statement :), Other people have other
views :)


Sir Alec Guinness
 - May the force be with you, Always!

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