Re: Ports

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 09/08/00

>       I haven't finished it yet, but I'm sure someone has, why
> don't you just write a quickie shell-out command.  It's not the
> most difficult thing in the world, if you can handle a pair of
> pipes.

-Hrmm, maybe 'cause I'm not a good enough coder to do more than
expand someone else's ground-breaking? :P

>> I refuse to stay hudled up in a corner, cowering in fright while
>> life passes me by.

>        Dude. You need to lay off the cough syrup. Okay?

-WHO TOLD!?!?!

>        There's a difference between intelligent proactive measures,
> and primal fear.  Of course, if 'life' is defined as 'allowing the
> ability to run unsecured commands in shell from a mud', well,
> perhaps you need to get out more.

-What I meant was this: I don't intend on worrying about something a
hacker could or couldn't do to my MUD. I mean come on, do you
actually think they are going to take over your life just because
they can get in and screw with your MUD for an hour or so? I don't
believe in doing something stupid, like use the same password for my
character as I do the shell (or any other site) but I kinda snicker a
bit when I hear about some people's so-called safety blocks. And so
what if they get a copy of your game? It's all free anyway, and if
you're like me you prolley plan on releasing the code at some time or
other. I could go on, but I don't wanna sound, like, sarcastic or
anything. I have nothing but respect for your view points, just
saying to lighten up a little - it's just a game.

>         Seriously. We're worried about you.

-You and my whole famn damily:P
>                                               PjD


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