Re: obj and shp fils becoming blank?

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 09/09/00

You are probably going to get a much better, even problem-specific
reply to this, but I feel compeled to ask this:
Have you added anything to your OLC lately? If so, check to make sure
the changes were valid (i.e. if you used a snippet/patch recheck each
No OLC is perfect, as noted in the README that accompanies it. I've
had a few problems with 2.0 buffer overflows, especially in in oedit.
Something happened last night when I tried to create a new object,
the action had puff's short description in it.
Generally, when I encounter those problems I just shutdown the game
and go into the object files to see if I can find some stray bits.
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
Oasis (I assume that's what you are using) is improving constantly
thanks to George Greer's tireless efforts (*brown-nose:P*), but it's
still a BETA release.
Hope you find and zap your problem:-)


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