Re: obj and shp fils becoming blank?

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 09/09/00

> hiya all,
>     ive been pondering this, and not sure what is wrong. for some odd
> reason, i have a couple obj files and shp files becoming blank, after they
> are edited, one of my builders edit one shop, saved. then mud crash, after
> relog. shop worked, but on sedit it was blank, then another shop was made on
> next vnum. After save, mud didnt crash, but after looking at shp file, it
> was blank. along with, the obj file is also blank, even if no objs were
> added. any ideas??
> Drakona

If you have OasisOLC 2.0, then I know what is causing your problem.

Look in the archives for "sedit bug" and/or my name "Torgny Bjers" since we
solved this issue a time ago, and it was an old relic that was left in the
function that counts the shops up, it counted one too few, i.e. if you had
just added a shop to it the last real_num shop won't show up since it only
counted to the one before it... So fix that and you're set...

Read the archives...

Kind regards,

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