Re: [Circle] Devilbunny and Graphical Editor Map

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 09/10/00

>         I haven't actually, since I eschewed the use of clients when I was
> an active player.  If you could post the location of screenshots, or email
> those to me privately, that would be great.  (Description of screen shot
> good too :)
>                                         PjD

There is a single screen shot of the mapping feature.  An arrow means there
is an exit up or down a '[]' means a door anything shaddy is below you.  I
think that's about as much as I can describe to let you know what everything
means.  I will try to make a map of a zone in some MUD or another and upload
it to a web-page but it'll take a couple days.


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