[Circle] Devilbunny and Graphical Editor Map

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 09/08/00

        This post is not about in game auto-mapping.  This isn't about
wildneress, etc.  Nothing like that.

        This is about the graphical editor, and how I think it would be
nice to display a 2-d map + elevation selector, and be able to do things
like left click to select/create a new room. Or right click to
copy/cut/paste/etc room templates.

        The devilbunny thing was just to get you to read the above to
realize what it was about..

        The problem that I'm conceptulizing is that most circlemud zones,
even stock zones, are not 3-d correct.  That isn't a problem, in and of
itself, except that you get overlaps.  It destroys most of the purpose of
having a map if you just plop down a series of disconnected nodes and say
'yeah, it's a map'.

        Perhaps generating a 'best fit' setup based on first come, first
serve, and discard the conflicts to their own pool of disconnected nodes?
Perhaps allowing the user to move the rooms around and have the editor
save the new setup?

        Maybe allow the overlap, just change the color of the room as a
notification - when you click on it, one room pops up into a list-box type
selection where you choose the one you want? *shrugs*

        I dunno.  That's why I want people's suggestions.

        Maybe a map is a stupid idea.


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