Re: Ports

From: Mike Redick (Telos@MAD.SCIENTIST.COM)
Date: 09/08/00

>        Well, good news and bad news.  I think I'll put out the source
>code this weekend for the first barely working version of the graphical
>editor. I guess that's the good news. Current features include:
>        - load and validation of zon & wld files based on the circlemud
>'index' scheme.
>        - creation of said scheme from scratch.
>        - creation of new zones
>        - editing individual rooms
>        - creating new rooms
>        Of course, good is followed by bad:
>        - doesn't save - gunna write that tonight/sat and then release.
>        - interface sucks eggs.
>        - no map.
>        - no zone command, obj, mob, shp activity.
>        And worst of all:
>        In order to speed the creation, i've done two bad things - first,
>I've eschewed even paying lip-service to any sort of c++ based
>programming.  Back to structs, macros, char arrays and what have you.
>This facilitated the other bad thing..I've mass-cut&paste code from the
>circlemud base.  This means that the editor wasn't built in clean-room
>conditions.  I just didn't have time.
>        Which means, as a derived work, this may fall under some of the
>licensing issues which apply to circlemud, and also, diku.  I'm not sure
>though.  The curious issue though, is that it's not a mud.  So, of the
>points of the license I should;
>        1. Include the license.doc file.
>        2. not make money,
>        3. give authors credit
>        4. comply with diku license.
>        1&2 are nothing exciting. 3&4 are interesting in the way they are
>worded; listings in credits files, help entry, login sequence,
>change/modify the licensing info found in code.
>        uhm. An editor has none of those things.
>        I could write a splash screen to display credits and/or put them
>in about, but - to be a bastard nitpicker who's going to eventually
>rewrite it from scratch in the end - these are not specifically stated,
>however implicitly they're expected to exist.
>        Frankly, I just don't want any sort of restrictions on it at all,
>baring a GPL copyleft.
>                                                PjD

C over C++? ewwwwwww...

Actually I don't see at all how that's faster, or better in any way.  If
there's one thing that's relly pissed me off since I started coding muds
it's the lack of any real design.  (Which actually surprised me, before I'd
ever seen a large system done without OOP and all that design crap I didn't
really like OOP or anything.  But now that I have it's really made me
appreciate it.) Everything just looks thrown together (especially OLC,) and
it's tough as hell to modify.  Perhaps just my opinion, but I'd rather have
waited a little (or a lot) longer for you to produce a well designed, easily
extensible editor than have one that's just thrown together.

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