Re: [Circle] Devilbunny and Graphical Editor Map

From: Treker (
Date: 09/09/00

> > Have you ever looked at the way zMUD allow users to map a MUD?
> > It's actually really nice cause even though techinicly the
> rooms overlap you
> > can move the rooms around so you can see what the MUD would
> look like on a
> > real map.  If I could I would show you a link to what I'm
> talking about but
> > I lost everything in a HDD format recently (bad backup file) and so..
> > Anyway if someone could figure out how to do something like that for a
> > WorldEditor it'd be cool cause the map would show what the world was
> > *suppose* to look like even though there are alot of
> overlapping rooms it
> > wouldn't show in the map itself.  did that make any sense?
>         I haven't actually, since I eschewed the use of clients when I was
> an active player.  If you could post the location of screenshots, or email
> those to me privately, that would be great.  (Description of screen shot
> good too :)
>                                         PjD

Which brings an interesting point to mind--would it not be more realistic to
make it so that rooms do not overlap in your MUD?  I mean, it'd make it
entirely zMUD compliant (and TinTin++).
Umm, not including immortal zones (those are already unrealistic as it is
;-) )


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