Re: Blackjacking and MOB awareness

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/16/00

Jason Pullara wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all I would like to say that Ive got a blackjack maneuver that
> knocks somone out without hurting them (so they can be looted, ect..)
> However, lets say that two or more MOB's in a room
What exactly should the mobs DO if someone is blackjacked in the room?
Do you want all mobs to attack the attacker, or maybe just those mobs
which have an alignment different from the attacker (ie a good mob will
attack an evil attacker and vice versa, a neutral mob just minds it's
own buisiness regardless)?  Perhaps you would want some mobs to flee the
room?  Perhaps you want a ceartain amount of randomness involved in the
decision of the mob as to what they should do.

> When somone/thing gets blackjacked the other MOB's just kinda stand there
> looking dumb (hey, if you saw somone get knocked unconscious, youd be
> suspicous too, eh?)
Also keep in mind that rooms are different, you might have a crowded
room where the attack can be covered up by the sheer number of people in
the room, or maybe it occurs in a dark corner of a restaurant when
no-one is looking, perhaps you have a room which actually defines a
large field, someone at one end of the field might not see an attack at
the other.  These are all things to take into consideration.

> Any help with this MOB awareness would be appriciated
Alrighty, it should be fairly easy to walk through the linked list of
characters in a room (top entry is tch=world[ch->in_room].people then
following entries are tch=tch->next_in_room) and check each one too see
if it is a mob (IS_NPC(tch)) then check any attributes on the mob to see
what you want you want it to do, add in some randomness and then force
it do whatever (see the commands related to what you want it to do).

If you can't get it from this then give some best-effort code and we'll
go from there.

Regards, Peter

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