From: Shane Lee (
Date: 09/17/00

I was looking over comm.c while checking out the autowiz system, and
I was completely befuzzled (is that a word?:P) by what I found.
Exactly how does one call these functions??
I know that somehow autowiz is called by a player being advanced to
LVL_IMMORT or higher, but where/how is this detected. And unrestrict,
how do you call that?
I must assume that some of these signals would originate within the
game, but what would the commands be? And if from the shell, how
would the game pick the signals up?
Do I have to make commands for most of these?
I wanted to be able to call autowiz without having to advance anyone,
to hide certain players (!WIXL chars), but simply calling
reboot_wizlists() doesn't actually re-read them according to current
player's levels, and it also doesn't hide !WIZL chars.
Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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