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From: Juliano Ravasi Ferraz (
Date: 09/18/00

>         The signals are intersting.  They're used to tell circle 'hey, an
> external program just ran and re-read your wizlist.'  That's not the
> interesting part.  The interesting part is that SIGHUP is usually used to
> re-read any sort of external file, and in circle it kills the mud :)

   This is only valid for 'daemon' programs.  SIGHUP means "Hangup", and
is sent to all running processes on the current tty, when it is closed
(maybe a Modem Hangup, or loosing a telnet connection).

   Some systems sends this signal to all running processes on the tty
(including background processes), that makes some people needed to run
CircleMUD with the 'nohup' program.  Other systems sends this signal
only to normal (foreground) and stopped processes.

   Daemon processes can handle SIGHUP because they don't have a
controling tty, and they will never receive a SIGHUP sent by the system.

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