Re: anyone succesfully patch copyover into bpl17?

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 09/20/00

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Sent: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 13:38:12 -0600
Subject: [CIRCLE] anyone succesfully patch copyover into bpl17?

Hi, i 've just tried to install copyover into del's bundle.
(bpl17,hedit,ascii,percentages, dg1.7a, assemblies)

Anyway the errors i got were numerous, and i suspect mostly
because it was intended for bpl14.  I was wondering if anyone
has gotten it to work with bpl17, and if they could tell
me what things need to be changed for it to fit in smoothly.

Thanks a bunch.

Snaga of PerP

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Yup. I did, and the changes were pretty minor.
Let's see, mother_desc; was changed to socket_t mother_desc;
int port; was changed to ush_int port;

comm.c required a little bit of manuvering, as did nanny().
I really can't remember what else I had to change, but I do remember
that I just checked the differences in what the patch said needed to
be changed and what stock code looked like and tried to add what I
I've done it a couple of times, and I uploaded a stock CircleMUDbpl17
with OasisOLCpre3 to the upload dir at Circle's ftp site. In that I
had copyover, races, easycolor and a few other things.
I believe I named it: Circlemud30bpl17Oasispre3-extended (or
something like that).
It may be on the ftp site in the unsorted dir. If not, I can email
you a copy of the comm.c and interpreter.c files.


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