[maybe a little dumb]dg + redit = pain

From: Paolo Greco (drbwana@tin.it)
Date: 09/22/00

I've stumped on a bug while creating my wilderness (aka overland map)
system: using redit as a template to create new rooms (reallocating
world[]) my room-dgscripts look for rooms (using a room_data pointer)
that no longer exist, so my mud explodes in a burst of ashes.
I've found something related on the archives, but nothing seems to
work: i think that using vnum or rnum instead of that ****** pointer
can help.
Anyone has a patch, a snippet, a good advice, something that can help
I feel myself a little dumb, but that isn't an excuse.
Excuse me for my bad English, please...
Paolo "RazoR" Greco
headcoder of DarkMud (the italian one)

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