Re: Vnum and File Loading (was: Query)

From: Brandon (
Date: 09/26/00

| >        Further, it would be good to declare that all zones are
| >specifically 100 rooms maximum size - if you need more, you simply add
| >another zone (like the confusing zone 25 in stock would be zones 25 &
| >This is how it's done most of the time with Oasis anyway, since altering
| >'top of zone' tends to cause issues in the long run (or at least, it
| I don't remember any at the moment that are caused by not having 100 per
| zone, as long as they don't overlap. It has trouble with "phantom" zones
| (overlapping) like the Sewers used to contain its stuff.

The idea I have always wanted to implement is to change the vnums
altogether.  Insted of having vnums 1300 thru 1399 the vnums would be
divided into zone.number (ex: 13.0 thru 13.9999999).  This way you could
have as many rooms as a long int can hold.  The parser would have to be a
bit more complicated as with every other vnum related function but
expandibility would be almost limitless.  Any command with a vnum could be
accessed with a dot between the numbers.  (ex: goto 13.23 and this would
equal goto 1323)  I don't see why this would be a bad idea.


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