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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 09/26/00

> So why would wld25 have 2601 in the first place?

        Because it could.  2601 could be in zone 26, or zone 70, or
whatever, and be valid.  no overlap.  However, there are no rules saying
that a given piece of data must load from a file named after the zone it's
in.  Thus, i could change my wld/obj/shp/mob indexs to 0.<suffix>, put all
things in there, and the .zon files would delineate which went to which

        But in the end, it'd be valid.  It'd work, because the parser is
either way too fault tolerant, or doesn't adequatly describe any sort of
relationship between a piece of data, and where it's saved and where it's
loaded.  It's only implied, and the parser doesn't care either way.

        Worse, the parser works even if you do something like above (i
tested it, it works fine), which means, it's 'alright to do'.

> v2.0 changes.  If you find any, let me know in an easily pointed out
> manner.)  Now, if someone tried to create zone #26 with room 2601 in zone
> #25, then I'd have the zone creation just punt. (Maybe the current code
> doesn't...don't remember.)

        Current code takes room# = zone#*100.  If room# exists between
zone#*100 to top of any zone, it denies it.

        But, I could put object 3000 in file 0.obj, and it'd still load
up, right as rain.

> If you'd like to enforce 100'ism, just make all of your zone_table[].top to
> x99 and write some code to check for objects/mobiles outside of zones. In
> essence, OasisOLC should allow >100 per zone, but you're not forced to do
> it that way.

        I'm not saying that's the best way, but the format should be much
more concrete for file placement of data.  That way things that work on
the data externally can create this setup more easily, without stepping on
a previous (and working) situation.

        Circlemud itself never has to deal with the creation of new files.
It excpects people to do the hard work for it.  Now OLC does it, but it
makes assumptions which may cause breakage (though shouldn't unless you
have one wierd ass setup).


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