[Circle] Query

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 09/25/00

        Re-re-revamping offline editor, I thought to myself, should I try,
in any way whatsoever, to promote a more, well.. structured view of the
data files in the world directory?

        That is, is there anything actually stopping anyone from taking
all those files, removing the '$~'->EOF marker, and putting them all in
one single file together?

        Well, barring .zon files... which have their own special load
section, so only one zone definition per file.

        Is that right?

        Doesn't this just make stock circle setup more error prone?

        Someone please argue with me on this issue, and refute these

        Multiple files for each of the 5 'types', each with their own
index, makes it easy to miss addition to an index for a given type (ie,
you load the rooms, but not mobs).

        Multiple file types, without actual bounds (ie, 26.wld can have
room 30000 in it) make it more difficult to save/load a specific room, and
potentially causes errors if (and this is easily possible) you have
rooms/etc in a file not associated with the zone it's in.

        The only advantage of having multiple file types is a speedy
lookup of a given room/etc.  This is negated by having no fixed or
required format, and compounded by the fact that oasis/other OLCs enforce
their own given format which may work - but is not specifically compatible
with previous formats (ie causing errors in the second place).

        So, it seems that to make life easy, either you put everything in
as few files as possible, or give a single file a very discrete set of
boundries - and probably load directly off just a single index file (the
zone index file)....

        Mebe I think it up wrong?


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