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From: Melissa Jadwinski (
Date: 09/26/00

At 09:37 AM 9/26/00 -0500, PjD wrote:
>        I like 1 index file, zone files can still retain the range, but a
>mob/shp/wld/obj file will only contain 0 to 100 entries of the form #*100
>to #*100+99, based on the name of the file.
>        Further, it would be good to declare that all zones are
>specifically 100 rooms maximum size - if you need more, you simply add
>another zone (like the confusing zone 25 in stock would be zones 25 & 26).
>This is how it's done most of the time with Oasis anyway, since altering
>'top of zone' tends to cause issues in the long run (or at least, it did).

In my opinion this is a bad idea; simply enforcing the numerical range of
vnums a file contains would be enough to solve the problem (if I understand
it correctly).  My situation may be atypical, but 95% of the zones in my mud
are over 100 rooms, and most are over 200.  Having a separate zone setup for
each 100-vnum range would add a lot of overhead and zone permission dithering.
I'd be more interested in a *correct* implementation of ztop and the addition
of a 'zbottom' so that zones which only occupy 50 vnums are restricted to
them. I feel this is more transparently logical than the magic number-itis
involved in '#*100+99' currently used.  It's true that some implementors
might start making crazy-sized zones with 23 rooms, but that's their
prerogative, and the default would still be 100.

Melissa Jadwinski/Meer of Shameless

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