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From: Alex (
Date: 09/26/00

>         Most olc's say "a zone is defined as zone#*100 to 'top of zone' -
> if a room/mob/obj vnum is in that range, write it to file zone#".  Which
> is only one valid setup.
This is a reasonable assumption actually.  Speaking from experience (read:
putting the world files together for the CM distribution), I put the zones
in the form that I did because it was easier for a human mind to deal
with.  Unfortunately, what is easy for us to understand and cope with is
not always very easy for a computer to deal with.

>         I like 1 index file, zone files can still retain the range, but a
> mob/shp/wld/obj file will only contain 0 to 100 entries of the form #*100
> to #*100+99, based on the name of the file.
This is a reasonable format, but your suggestion about tracking the file
that a room/object/mob/etc is from is an even better one.  That way, what
could be done could be something as follows:
- You have a file with rooms 2598, 2599, and 2601.  File is 'wld25' (for
  argument's sake).
- You create room 2600, OLC likes to have these things in their own file,
  so it creates 'wld26' and puts room 2600 in it.  It then goes through
  the world as it seeds the new room in and notices room 2601, so removes
  that from 'wld25' and puts it in the newly 'wld26'.


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