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From: George Greer (
Date: 09/26/00

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>         Creation of zone# creates (and adds index entries) the 5
>zon,wld,obj,mob,shp entries.  However, I could (legally) have object 44 in
>the file 30.obj.  It would be valid, load correctly, etc.  This works for
>rooms, shops, objects, mobs.  Say I never had a zone 30 - and I create it
>- suddenly this previous entry gets wiped out, and I loose my object #44.

Rooms are checked to make sure they are in a zone, albeit in an odd manner.
We could do more.  There are item checks in the bootup code now to make
sure bad stuff doesn't happen.

>        Further, it would be good to declare that all zones are
>specifically 100 rooms maximum size - if you need more, you simply add
>another zone (like the confusing zone 25 in stock would be zones 25 & 26).
>This is how it's done most of the time with Oasis anyway, since altering
>'top of zone' tends to cause issues in the long run (or at least, it did).

I don't remember any at the moment that are caused by not having 100 per
zone, as long as they don't overlap. It has trouble with "phantom" zones
(overlapping) like the Sewers used to contain its stuff.

George Greer

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