Re: [NEWBIE] OLC/sedit & Intro

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/27/00

Kristof Reline wrote:
> OLC/sedit ->
>   I've just hand-patched Oasis2.0 for/into bpl17, and have an error hanging
> over: when using sedit everything works ok until the quit and save shop
> function is called, which causes an allocation error and abnormal termination
> of the program.
What platform are you running the MUD on?  Is there a core dump (see the
WTFAQ for info on
what a core dump is and how to read them).  If you can't get a core dump
then try running the MUD inside your debugger (gdb on a Linux
platform).  Allocation errors (also known as segmentation faults) can
sometimes be very difficult to track down, searching the mail list
archives for
"segmentation" should turn up a large number of posts dealing with seg
faults and how to deal with them.

> Misc other newbie bugs ->
>   Light source objects:  My light sources are only functional when set to -1
> (eternal) or 0.. everything else loads as 0 hours(burnt out).

take a look at the actual object files themselves with a text editor
(they are in an ascii format, the format is dicumented at ) and
make sure that the correct value is being saved.  If it is being saved
incorrectly and you tweak it manually, will it then load and work?  This
will give you a better idea of where to look.  The lights capacity is
stored in value 2, if you set value 2 for other object types (such as
setting the key# on a container) does it save and load correctly?  If
you oedit a light's capacity, then exit the editor, save the file, then
oedit the object again, does it show the correct value in oedit, or does
it only show 0 or 1?  What if you reboot the MUD and then check?  All of
this will help to give you a better idea of where the problem is and
significantly narrow down where you need to look in the code.

Regards, Peter

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