[NEWBIE] OLC/sedit & Intro

From: Kristof Reline (kristof.reline@usa.net)
Date: 09/27/00

This is a fairly long post now that I look back at it, don't feel obliged to
read it all; the 'bugs' mentioned below are not causing me much grief, and are
not exactly stretching my bug-fixing abilities as I haven't had much time to
look at them yet.

OLC/sedit ->
  I've just hand-patched Oasis2.0 for/into bpl17, and have an error hanging
over: when using sedit everything works ok until the quit and save shop
function is called, which causes an allocation error and abnormal termination
of the program. I was just wondering if this is a recognised bug, a result of
my (mis)patching or miscellaneous other. No doubt I'll fix it myself given
enough time, but an indication of where to focus wouldn't go unappreciated
(ack too many negatives ;) ).
BTW  - GG, my main builder is setting up a shrine to Oasis, having only used
offline text editors up to now. :)

Misc other newbie bugs ->
  Light source objects:  My light sources are only functional when set to -1
(eternal) or 0.. everything else loads as 0 hours(burnt out).
I'm just after confirmation that something's wrong with my code before I go
and try to fix something that may not be bugged.
  When putting in the ascii pfiles, my player files saved correctly but would
not load - no errors or warnings appeared in compile and no syserrors
occurred. As a result every login a character had to be recreated, so I
removed the code and went back to binaries. It's a bit much for me to fix on
my own at this point, does this bring to mind a common bug?
  Come to think of it the other bugs I have are a result of not-fully imp'd
code or are about to be fixed.. yay me ;)

Intro ->
  Me: I've had the cicle30bpl17 code for about three weeks, been on the list
for about two. I'm not much of a coder, but learning swiftly. C/C++ isn't my
forte and most new functions take a while to debug, but I'm getting quite good
at hack and paste to get new things in ;) I don't have much time to code -
which gets quite frustrating - between work and study.
  Me environment: I'm compiling bpl17 using BCC 5.5.5 on Windoze 98 SE. Pain
in the rear it is, especially when suspend kicks in while there's noone on
site to wake up the puter. Don't worry, I'm using this as a dev build while
getting aquainted with Unix for a prod-quality compile ;)
  Me MUD: It's currently called Squelchy MUD pending the results of the Great
Naming Competition That Noone Enters. Like I said it's a dev MUD and a name's
not overly important at this point: We're still working on a solid theme
having just deleted all of the stock world and started revamping all the stock
skills. Work is slow, but furious (furiously slow? More like furiously fast
but not hugely productive :) ) and a lot of fun (new skills oft function
different to how they were intended). The idea is to revamp and recreate
everything in an original fashion. Ideas and advice are welcome, preferably to
my email rather than the list if they're not applicable or of any use to other
Imps/MUDs. The ethics behind intellectualy property laws (those of Aust
anyway) are in full swing in me MUD.

-Daentare the Squelchy Imp

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